Mark. All the Highlights

by - Friday, March 09, 2012

I love butterflies, just love them, and this is all because 3.5 years ago I got Monty, a papillon. Papillon means butterfly in French, and well therefore he is butterfly dog. I love him and have grown to love butterfly things as a result.

We have prints in our living room of butterflies, I have jewellery and note pads, pretty much I feel the need to get cute things with butterflies on them.

So when I saw Mark's All the Highlights Soft Glow Illuminator with a nice big bright butterfly in the middle of it I was excited.

I debated for a while since the price tag was $20 and a little high considering I already have more blushes than I can store.

I went a head and got looked amazing...
... I debated never touching and just keeping it, but that would be silly. So, I swatched it and...what the...
...Overspray??? OVERSPRAY!!! I just spent $20 on a blush because it had a butterfly on it and it was OVERSPRAY? [Insert swearing here.]

I am sure this a fantastic highlighter, bronzer, but it is no butterfly item. I feel so let down and disappointed.

Mark, label oversprays next time, in the mean time this item is being returned.

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