3rd Empties Post

By Friday, December 23, 2011 ,

Look at all those...empties? Ok most are not empties, most are tosses but they still count.
Got2be hotie heat leave in conditioner: I like it, I then forgot about it and it is now all dried up and gross. Toss. Would I buy it again? maybe. I had no issues with it but I am trying something else right now.
LaCoupe Fragrance Free Leave in Conditioner: I used it up. I liked it a lot but I must say there is perfume in it. Would I buy it again? I like others better but it is made in Canada so if I could find it I would.
John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Conditioner: Yep another one. I have one more to use up. Would I buy it again? If I see it at a dollarama again I will.
The Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream: I like this so much I got a big one...but the pump sucks. I have to pump it 10 times to get what I need. So this really isn't an empty...I just poured what I had left into another bottle. Would I buy it again? Yes
Bath and Body Works Forever Sunshine Body Wash: I love this so much. Love it! Would I buy it again? YES!!!
L'oreal Youth Code Day Lotion:This is my second one to be emptied. I like it a lot.Would I buy it again? Yes, but I have lots of other things to use up first.
Sally Hansen Carmindy Translucent Powder: I hated this. It is fine enough but leaves a big white cast on me that I cant kill. I got it for $2 at dollarama, I've seen it for $22 at Shoppers. Would I buy it again?No! I hated it so much it wasn't worth the $2.
Various ELF Lip Glosses: I decided my lip drawer was too full (really too full) and the things that I would never use, never use and were just plain old need to go. I got the Candy Shop one free with a purchase and it caused numbness on my lips, but not other peoples. The others were ok and cheap enough but I never use them and they are old now. Would I buy again? Probably not.
More Glosses:  There is Mark's version of Oglow, it is nice and I liked it but never use it. A green Avon Gloss, an H&M gloss from Europe about 6 years ago, 2 Smashbox glosses that never smelt right, Mark lip balm (dog ate the lid, I used this on all up by the way) and 2 more ELF glosses.Would I buy them again? Some I liked, some I didn't, so I'll say no.