What's In my Purse?

By Saturday, September 10, 2011

What's in my purse blog post seem to be going around right now. I am at work and thought I would snap some super quick pics of my purse.
There it is on a grooming table, it is a Kenneth Cole, and it has super awesome side pockets that I keep my phone and sun glasses in (one on each side).  
With this purse I never search for my phone.
I attached my keys to an expandable id holder so I can reach them at all times.
I have a Danier id holder (metro pass in there) with 3 card slots on the other side (credit cards and debit are always at hand). I also have a Danier leather coin pouch that  I keep all other cards, cash and change in. My sunglasses, a pill box, a lotto ticket and a Hard Candy Makeup bag.
Oh, and a little fishy that holds my earbuds.
Inside the makeup bag: BBW Forever SunShine lip gloss, elf matte lip colour, BBW aromatherapy roll on in Energy, Advil, perfume (mark Ibiza Sole), Balmshell lip stain, Sephora mirror, Mac honey salve, hair clip and Airborne hand cream.

That't it, hope you like it.