Gift Bag for Meredith

By Sunday, September 11, 2011 ,

Meredith from Et Tu And You asked for a gift bag from me. I knew she was joking, but made her on any way.

Here is a video she did where she talks about it (4:30 into it).

My theme was zen and yoga. 
I knew Meredith did yoga and works out a bit so I made her a yoga mat bag from my old cargo pants. Up-cycling makes for great gifts!
Following in the yoga department I got her a travel water bottle that collapses. This is  great for anytime and enviro friendly.

To go with the water bottle were some Crystal Light To Go packs. Great for when water bores you.
For after her work outs or travel I put in some Bath and Body Works travel aromatherapy body washes and lotions.
As well I got some BBW spray hand sanitizer. This has dual purpose, I figured since it was a spray she could use it on her yoga mat after working out to disinfect it.
BBW Lemon lip gloss, because it is so yummy.
BBW Aromatherapy Stress Relief room spray, keeping with the zen theme.
BBW Aromatherapy Energizing hand lotion and hand soap caddy. I got this at xmas and loved it. So amazing and once again on the zen theme.
BBW Cream Body Wash and Body Butter in Butterfly Flower, She mentioned she liked it and I knew it was no longer available. It also smells amazing and is great after a visit to the gym.

An Amethyst bracelet that I made. I made a little more piece of good energy for her.

Now I wonder if she can figure out how much I spent on her?