A Tale of Two Lip Clickers

by - Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Not to long ago I picked up at my local Wal-Mart Hard Candy's Button Your Lip in Flirt and got in my Avon order Mark. Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lips Gloss in Bare. They are very different and I have different views on them so I wanted to do a comparison review.

The Products:
Hard Candy's Button Your Lip in Flirt
Mark. Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain in Bare
What You Get & How Much:
Hard Candy: Clicker liquid lip colour with 2.2g
Automatic lip liner with 0.22g
Mark.: Clicker lip gloss & stain in one with 1.5g $10.00

Hard Candy Mark.
Impossibly shiny glosses that glide on for the most glamorous "A-list" lips in town! Formulated to give 'em something to gossip about! The rich and luxurious formula is loaded with ingredients that make your lips feel soft and pampered. The head-turning shades feature a high fashion shine and will last late into the night. Coordinating automatic lip liner helps perfect your pout. Two steps in one quick click of the pen: This award-winning, innovative lip color goes on like a high-shine gloss, then wears to a rich stain that lasts hours and hours more. Minty fragrance adds a fresh kick. 0.05 oz. net. wt.

I plan on doing full reviews for both of these babies, but for now in this mini review I wanted to give you some quick swatches and my overall views on them.

Mark. Gloss Gorgeous in Bare

Mark. Gloss Gorgeous in Bare
left on lips for 15 mins then blotted

Hard Candy button your lip in Flirt
Left: Hard Candy automatic lip liner in Blush
Middle: Hard Candy button your lip in Flirt
Right: Mark. Gloss Gorgeous in Bare 
I know it doesn't show in these photos, but the Mark gloss is really sheer and after 15 mins blotted off to my natural colour. I found no staining occurred.

The Liquid lip colour by Hard Candy on the other hand went on opauqe and is the perfect stickiness.

Sum it Up
Size and Price:
The Winner is...Hard Candy! by a landslide!!!
Bigger, has an automatic liner with sharpener and is cheaper...it totally wins.

The Winner is... Hard Candy again.
I love Mark. but the cheap minty smell makes it seem cheap. Plus I really don't find it stains my lips, if really just find it to be a lightly tinted minty (cheap minty) lip gloss. The Hard Candy on the othuider hand is thick and rich and lasts longer on my lips. I know it is a liq lip colour but it isn't sticky and has a quality to it that makes it seem like it is of good quality...so it wins.

The winner is Hard Candy! I actually returned the Mark. gloss because I felt it didn't do what I wanted and the Hard Candy was a better deal and I would rather have more of them than the Mark. in my collection.

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