L'oreal Haircolour Remover Review

By Friday, January 28, 2011

In the the past I've used Colour Oops! to correct past hair mistakes and even to remove colours before re-dying a fresh colour (see it here and here). Despite it's insane instructions, it is a a great product that is effective and non-damaging.

This time around the drug store had no Colour Oops!, instead they had L'oreal Haircolour Remover, so I thought I would give it a shot.

Lets just say I was not a happy lady.

The instructions might be easer, but there is barley enough product to cover the hair, it is powdery and strange to use.

After 30 minutes in my hair (it said 20-50 for my hair colour type removal) I rinsed it out and saw....WHITE!!!

I screamed, my husband ran to my side, he screamed. I got pissed off. I tweeted this ....

Omg!!!!  F u l'real hair colour  remover. This is awful!!! I look like a skunk

Ok so it all wasn't white, some was brown, some was orange, some was still red. I was not happy none the less. Colour Oops! only removed the hair dye from my hair and never bleached it out.

Here are some photos of what happened:
So, after drying my hair I re-dyed it like planned with Ice Creams Red Chestnut and am happy once again. I must say it isn't 100% even because of this madness and I doubt it will stay in my hair too well.
In conclusion I am sticking with Colour Oops! next time.