New Years Beauty Resolutions

By Monday, January 03, 2011

As the new year enters my life I am reflecting on all aspect of my life. The biggest change this new year is that I am moving this month and because of this I am going through ALL my possessions in life and discarding much of it. This has got me thinking about what I want to change this year.

My Beauty Resolutions:

  1. Finish a product before starting a new one
    • Wether it is hair products, body or skin products, I have to start to finish products before starting new ones. Before this move I had 4 bubble baths on the go and 5 body butter started. There is no need to this. 
    • No starting new products until the old one is done (and if I don't want to finish it, toss it).
  2. Write blogs at least 3 times a week
    • This one is going to be hard, especially right now with me being stuck in moving limbo, but as soon as I get back to normal I want to blog every other day.
  3. Start a proper skin care routine
    • I have never been a stickler for skin care. I don't break out (EVER) so have never had to be on the ball when it comes to my skin. 
    • My skin also has a tendency to get really dry really fast so washing my skin has never something I love to do. 
    • This year being my first in my 30s I want to be more proactive on my skin care and helping protect it from aging. A proper, constant routine is my goal.
  4. Try to compress my collection
    • I want to depot most of my collection and move my already depotted shadows into a better palettes. I have been wanting to do this one forever, and in the next 2 months I hope to get it done. 
    • I have tones of GWP shadows that go without being used because they are not with my other shadows. I also have many quads and singles, they all need to be together so I use them more or they have to go. No need to have makeup I don't use hanging around.
I hope my resolutions are helpful to you. I hope the new year brings you all happiness and joy and that any resolutions you have work out for the best.