Crown Duo Fibre Brushes

By Tuesday, January 04, 2011 ,

I am an avid fan of Crown Brushes! I must own about 80 of them by now. But my 2010 obsession with brushes seems to have been duo fibre brushes.  Lucky for me Crown has expanded its collection of duo fibres.

This is what I picked up at the 2010 Imats Toronto:

In addition to that I already had their large face duo brush from two years before.

So here is my collection:

  1. Duo Fiber Powder
  2. C430 - Duo Fiber Crease
  3. C428 - Deluxe Duo Fiber Shadow
  4. C429 - Deluxe Duo Crease
  5. C427 - Tapered Duo Fiber Blush
  6. C426 - Tapered Duo Fiber Powder
    *Note I did not get the blush brush because they did not have it (I do have the Mac 188)

C426 (left), C427 (middle)
& Mac 131 (right)
The tapered powder and blush brushes are very similar to Mac's 131 duo fibre brush. They all have a tapered and almost paddle like appearance. The Crown Powder version is larger than the Mac 131, where as the blush one is the same size but with shorter white bristles. I love all three and use them often. They are my favourite for powder and blushes.

As for the eyeshadow brushes, I love them so much I wish I had gotten more. If you are a fan of blending and blending very well these brushes are for you. They not only blend like no tomorrow they also are the best for loose shadows or pigments. I always feared picking up too much loose products and having them not blend out well, these brushes are the solution if you have that issue.  These brushes are by far my most used shadow brushes now.

They all wash up well, have minimal shedding and are perfect for blending and creating more natural looks. They are fully synthetic. Great wet and dry they all are must haves in my kit, and with the prices they totally are worth the money. I have been using my new ones for about 2 months and they still wash up great and feel amazing. I love them
All my Duo Fibre brushes 
Thanks to Lissk for requesting a review on these brushes.