Pigment Nail Polish Mixing Trick

By Saturday, December 04, 2010 ,

I love to make my own nail polishes by mixing pigments with nail polish. Recently I discovered a little trick.

Most people mix it on a paper plate or on something flat and disposable. I find that the mixture moves around too much and dries out too fast. Something welled works much better. 

I started using empty gum packages. 
package used a few times before. 
A scoop of pigment
pigment in well
nail polished poured into pigment and mixed
mineral pigment used (bronzer) 
end result
I find this method much cleaner, faster and you don't waist as much or have to risk putting the brush back into the bottle to get more polish.

1. scoop pigment into empty well
2. poor desired amount of polish into well
3. mix
4 paint.
5. clean brush with some polish remover and put back into bottle
All Done! Easy and fast. 

Here is a great video by Dusty Hunter on Pigments in hair and nails: