Kit Must Haves - Lips

By Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Continuing in my series on kit must have items, today it is on Lips.

CoverFX Mint Glaze Fx
This has quickly become my favourite way to prep and prime lips for anything makeup related.  It has a tacky but still smooth finish that allows lipstick to stick to it. The minty tingle plumps up lips and fills in any lines. And in general it moisturized and makes the lips feel just awesome.

I like to apply this while doing the skin prep so it has time to absorb and plump the lips before applying the lipstick

Long lasting Lipstick
Ok strange but true, I feel this is a must. When dealing with a bride the last thing they want to think about is transferring lipstick on their new husband, on their white dress or reapplying it throughout the night. Finding the right long lasting lipstick for them will help them have a worry free wedding day and night. They can snap off the glosses in most brands and take them with them and re apply as needed.

I love Mac's Pro Longwear Lipcreams and Revlon's Overtime Sheer Lipcolour.

With long lasting lipsticks you cant use other lip products with them or it will ruin the long lasting effect. If you are going to prime with something like the CoverFx Mint GlazeFx, I do recommend doing it at the beginning of the makeup application so it can absorb and then blot any excess off before applying the long lasting product.

Lip Stain
For all the same reasons a long lasting lipstick is wise on a wedding day, same goes for a stain. Stains are great for creating a long lasting effect on anyone, but if a bride want a red lip, this will last much longer than any lipstick and not come off on the groom or dress.

They can be used under lipstick and liner even to extend normal lipsticks we

I love Sephora's lip and cheek stain in wine, Benefit's benetint is nice for a lighter tint and Joe Fresh makes convenient pen style tints in many colours.