Lusting over things, putting a halt on shopping.

By Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The past while I have been hauling quite a bit. Although I have snagged some pretty sweet deals at the Lisa's Warehouse and used gift cards at Sephora and Backed 2 Mac items, it still has been taking it has tole on not just my wallet but my storage. At some point I have begun to question my sheer need to consume more products.

So at this point I am point I am putting a halt on my shopping, at least for now.

Reasons for this:

  1. I plan on moving in the new year and have no clue how I am going to store half the stuff I have already. 
  2. I have lots of stuff and should really use some of it up.
  3. It is costing me a lot of money, and moving is expensive (can we say a month of overlapping rent?)
But this will be temporary at best. I am already lusting over some stuff that will be released in the MAC Stylishly Yours Collection for Holiday and the Cham-Pale Collection for Holiday collection. Can we say new paint pots and cream colour bases, I wait all year to get maybe just one of them that the opportunity to get some new ones is just something I cant pass up.

So , shopping my stash for the next few months (I am aiming for 3), with only a quick intermission for December 26 and those paint pots and cream colour bases. Wish me luck!