Cargo Inventory/Collection

by - Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Part two of my categorizing my stash is my Cargo Collection
the full collection 

OneBase in 02 on the top
lip glosses and reverse lipliner below
mascaras and eyeshadow palette
blushes and glosses
blushes and bronzer
bronzer in medium
Matte BeachBlush - Tenerife 
again---Matte BeachBlush -Tenerife
BeachBlush - Miami Beach
BeachBlush - Sunset Beach
agaIn --- BeachBlush -Sunset Beach
Essential Eye Shadow Palette in Warm Neutral
It seems I forgot one of my eye palettes and the eye primer in the photos...oh well, so here they are
primer on the left and Peru palette
Overall thoughts on the brand:

  • Canadian Company and mainly Canadian made (not everything though)
  • great quality, shadows and blushes blend beautifully
  • great colours
  • great portable packaging (although I broke my eyeshadow palette)
  • not available in a lot of places 
  • cant see into tins and gets confusing when looking at a bunch of them (minor thing)
By far one of my favourite brands. I love the products and the quality as well supporting my fellow Canadians.

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