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In the past Halloween hasn't meant much to me, but since finishing makeup school it gives me a great chance to show off my creative side with special effects makeup.

Last Years Zebra
Last year I went as a zebra, I was inspired by the face-charts that Mac had last year to do it. I used Kett airbrush hydro in white as a base, I  ran low near the end, that is why my neck is more faded. For the lines I wanted to airbrush them on, but since it was on my own face it was too difficult, so I used Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack. I had to powder a lot to make it dry to last, I honestly would use Mac Pro Chromaline or acrylics this year if I were to do it again.
From Mac's 2009 Halloween Campaign
From Mac's 2009 Halloween Campaign
 My partner, Richard, went as a dead gangster.  This just involved him dressing as a gangster and me adding a simple bullet wound and some blood
Rich as a shot or dead Gangster
I also dress my dog up, this has become a tradition. The first year I made him a Monty costume and he went as 'Monty the Mounty'. Last year it was a stripper aka 'The Full Monty'. This year I will stray from the Monty themed costumes since I didn't feel like making him one. He is going to go to work as a frog prince.
The Full Monty -cuffs and bow tie
Monty The Mounty
This year my plan is to go as Princess Peach from Super Mario, but that I would have been attacked by Bowser leaving me with scratches and burns. This is going to involve a pink dress, a crown, white gloves, 3rd degree, ridged collodion, mac gloss and some fresh scab. I am trying to convince Richard to go as Mario, but I doubt this will happen, so I want to find a Bowser doll to accompany me.

I'm also doing my sister and her fiancee's makeup, they are going as Nav've from Avatar, so I will be airbrushing that on for the most part. I love to airbrush over grease paint. It lasts, it doesn't budge and it is light, so you don't notice it all night. If you do blow your nose (like I did many times last year) it wont ruin the look.

Happy Tick or Treating everyone, let me know what it is you plan on going as this year.