Orginization of Makeup via The Dollar Store

By Tuesday, July 13, 2010 ,

I, like many makeup addicts, have organization issues, trying to fit everything where it belongs, in limited spacing is not always as easy as it may seem. 

A few years back I discovered these drawer organizers at the Dollarama. They are to be snapped and broken into the lengths you need and the sled together in a grid pattern to create the custom storage you need. I have a rubbermaid style drawer storage system in my washroom, and I use these in 3 of the 4 drawers. I must say that I love them, I sometimes wish they were a little shorter so they didn't hit the top of the drawers, but I could snip them with some sheers if I really wanted to.

what the inserts look like snapped
  • Cheap, $2 a pack! 
  • Easy, anyone can use them
  • Sturdy
  • Multi-Purpose, I also use the in my knife and sock drawers to organize things
  • Durable and washable (you spill some pigment and you'll be glad of this)
  • You might need more need more than one, one does a drawer for me.
  • Once you snap them that's it, so mesure carefully
  • Can take some time, getting the grids right takes some time (not much)
  • May be too tall (I cant put one at the front of my drawers or they wont shut)