Nail Polish Showdown - NYX 'Gold Sparkle' VS. Sephora by OPI 'Only Gold For Me'

By Sunday, July 18, 2010 , ,

I really falling more in love with nail polish every passing season. Unfortunately I really suck at applying it (please keep that in  mind while looking at the photos). This season I'm loving OPI's "Jade is the new black' with a gold sparkle top coat over it.

I started the season by purchased Sephora by OPI's "Only Gold For Me" top coat and was using it on my toes. It is a nice top coat with large and small gold confetti in it. I enjoyed it on my toes but not my fingers. The larger confetti was just too large and sporadic causing people to notice and note how it was just too much for the nails. The only way it worked well on the fingers was to apply a lot of the larger confetti.

Today I saw the answer for my fingers, NYX "Gold Sparkle" nail polish. While not a top coat like the Sephora by OPI, it was a nail polish with a very fine gold sparkle to it. It applies much more even than OPI and is much less distracting.

Right now I'm applying OPI "Jade is the new black" on both fingers and toes, following it with "Only Gold For Me" on the toes and "Gold Sparkle" on the fingers.

Sephora by OPI "Only Gold For Me"
  • Good quality
  • Long lasting
  • Unique
  • Shinny finish

  • Glitter goes on unevenly, some nails will get more smaller sparkles, other larger, and some both. 
  • Hard to remove
  • Pricy - $12 Canadian makes it pricier than most regular OPI brand polishes
  • For a top coat it isn't smooth

NYX "Gold Sparkle"
  • Fine shimmer - really pretty
  • Goes on even
  • Cheap - got mine for under $5
  • Long lasting 

  • Not a top coat - May feel the need to use one for extra shine

I like "Only Gold For Me"'s larger shimmer chunks, but wish it just had either larger chunks or smaller chunks and not both. The bigger ones just don't work well on the fingers, but rock on the toes. It is a little pricy, but I like it. I might be layering the NYX "Gold Sparkle" under it for an added touch of consistency.

NYX "Gold Sparkle" is the clear winner here for me. I would buy it again in a minute, the sparkle is much more wearable and I really like the finished product. For the price I will definitely buy it again (and maybe the silver version too).

left both polishes, middle NYX Gold Shimmer, right Sephora by OPI Only Gold For Me