Making It Work!

by - Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sometimes I buy somethings and then later realize I don't love it as much as I thought I did in the store, or I simply just don't know how to incorporate it into my looks.

Today I decided to give some products from spring another chance. Particularly items from the Mac in Lillyland collection. 

I heard so many great things about the Pearlmatte Bronzer from the collection I decided to buy it, even though I really fail when it comes to bronzers. I never seem to get them on right for me, and this one always seemed to not blend well and look orange on my skin.

As for the Pearlmatte eyeshadow, I knew that it was not that pigmented, but I was sure the sheerness would rock come spring/summer time, and yet I seem to leave it untouched. I loved the shades and how they worked together but just could never get the look just the way I wanted it.

So today was the day I was going to make them work! I was determined.
I started with my eyes, some Benefit Lemonade as a base on my eyes to make the colours pop a bit more. Then I wet my brush with Fix+ and patted on lots of the pink! I worked I was getting a brighter but not to bright pink. Then I did the same thing with the green on my crease, followed by a light buffing of the white under my brow. Blended and that was it. It was so much bolder than before and was great look for work; I felt like I was on a roll.

Now for the face. Some Benefit Some Kinda of Gorgeous and Cargo OneBase as foundation followed by Kett Sett Powder (my fav!) then it was time to finally make this bronzer work for me or it was getting swapped. I put the bronzer on in a 8 motion on my face followed by one line down my nose and chin. I used my EcoTools bronzer brush and blended it all out with the same brush but with Mac Mineralized skin finish natural on it. I highlighted using a fan brush and the white powder and then used the same fan to put on the blush. I blended once more with the kabuki.
I put some Rimmel Shine On lip sheer on followed by mascara and green mascara on the lower lids. 
~~ I was off to work and by 8:30 am I had two complements...very happy with the results.

Needless to say, my determination made this work, I really thought the bronzer and I would never be friends, I found it too orange and just didn't know why it hated me so much, but using the MSF Nat over it seemed to really help it blend out and work better on my skin.

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