Mac Greasepaint Stick Review

By Monday, April 05, 2010 ,

In the past months Mac has had several collections that have included Greasepaint sticks with glorious reviews from pretty much everyone. I have been super cautious about buying any of them until now. Last week I picked up Greengrease from Mac's new Art Supplies collection.

Why you may ask was I being cautious about buying one of the most talked about products to come from Mac in the last year, well, I hate grease paint. And when I say hate I mean I have a phobia of it.

Warning, ranting below of my phobia and how I feel about grease paint....skip if you need...

My first memories of grease paint are being a child in grade 2 or 3 and getting ready for the school play, for some reason or another the theme of the musical was something to do with clowns. I remember someone putting grease paint all over my face so I looked like a clown and actually gagging....a lot. I couldn't wait to get the cold cream and take it off (another thing grease paint requires nasty cold cream, ick). Fast forward through my life, I hate clowns, well more specifically clown's makeup. The icky unshaven man wearing caked on grease paint with a fake evil smile. When ever I see a clown up close I gag. Fast forward again to college and makeup school. Theatre and stage makeup class, the grease paint palette. Clown makeup, painting on my face, recreating an animal on my face, let's just say I was not a happy camper. I thought it might all be good for my phobia of greasepaint, it wasn't. 

Ok so enough with my issues and on to the review....

So after everyone raving for so long about these sticks I managed to convince myself that I have to at least try one greasepaint stick. I grabbed Greengrease which is a dark green stick. These babies retract, have a sharpener on the other end and stay put all day. I find them sort of like a really big waterproof retractible eyeliner pencil.

I liked the fact that they stay put all day long with little shimmer shifting ( I found some on my lid and under my eye, but it was minimal for a liner of any type). I like the fact that if you move fast you can smudge it with a smudger brush or with eyeshadows. They also make shadows look more vibrant if put directly on top of it while still fresh, which helps set it and make it last even longer.

  • stays put
  • lasts all day
  • smudgable
  • easy to blend with eyeshadow
  • has a sharpener
  • retracts
  • may melt if left in car
  • hard to remove at the end of the day
  • all of them have shimmer in them
So overall I found this not to be like greasepaint, it is just a name and I have strange issues.
I made this look by lining my eyes with Greengrease grease paint stick and taking bottle green eyeshadow by mac pro and smudging it over it and blending it shadow upward. I followed that by Chlorine eyeshadow by Annabelle over the entire lid and blended up.