Maybellline Eyestudio Eyeshadow Quad Review

by - Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Recently I recived two Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadow quads from to review.  I got Sapphire siren (20) and Sunset Seduction (100).

 Sunset Seduction has four earth-toned browns with metallic tones to them. Lightly frosted and some slightly metallic, these shades  are highly pigmented and can be worked for a nice day time look or a more dramatic night time look. The second shade is almost a dupe for MACs Expensive Pink.
I found there was  a bit of fall out from this product but not enough to bother me. I found it faded a bit throughout the day. Over all for a drug store brand I think this a really great product.

Left:Maybelline Sunset Seduction (second shade)
Right: Mac Expensive pink
Sapphire Siren has a super shimmer and overly metallic finish to all the shades. From a strong metallic white, followed by a metallic teal blue then a metallic bold blue and finally a matte black with giant black shimmer in it. Personally I do not like the look of blue on blue eyes, I think it distracts from the eyes natural boldness and creates a monochromatic blur. Saying that I will also say I have blue eyes, so this was not a palette for me. I can see this working on someone with another eye colour. The whole palette is to shimmery for me, I feel as though I looked like a disco ball. I would have liked it if at least one of the shades was a true matte colour so that it could be toned down for daytime. Over all I did not like this quad at all. 


Overall review, I like the quality of the eyeshadows in the quads and liked the colours on the Sunset Seduction quad. The Sapphire Siren is just not my taste. I would consider buying more eyeshadows from the line and most likely will soon.

Oh another plus, Made In Canada!

  • inexpensive (drug store and can be found on sale)
  • good quality
  • lasts all day with minimal fading
  • pigmented
  • nice packaging
  • portable
  • no need to try to pick matching colours, they are already picked out for you
  • made in Canada
  • Sapphire Siren was just to shimmery and glittery for me

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