Mascara Review: Avon SuperExtend Mascara

By Monday, March 29, 2010 ,

Recently I got to try the new SuperExtend Mascara by Avon in black. I am always on my look out for new long lasting waterproof mascaras, so for $5 I jumped on the chance to try this mascara. 

I have tried other mascaras from Avon and Mark in the past but was never really that impressed. None of them were waterproof so none of them really meet my expectations for smudging and flaking.

Avon's site describes the mascara as "Unique super-smooth, super-separating molded brush coaxes and combs every lash up, out and away ... beyond your wildest expectations! Lightweight formula for flexible, soft touch lashes. Waterproof. Won’t clump, smudge or flake. 7 g "

My guess is this product is meant to compete with the new Cover Girl Lash Blast Length that has similar claims and yellow brush (but no claims of waterproofness).

My Review:
I got this in black (there is also navy, black-brown and brown) I found it didn't extend my lashes as much as it claimed, but I did find it lasted all day without smudging or flaking. I found it actually slightly hard to remove and needed to use my uber-strong Makeup Forever eye makeup remover to do the job. I also noticed with the brush no clumping occurred ( a rare thing in my life). So far I have been reaching for this mascara more and more on my weekdays and putting my waterproof Maybelline Lash Discovery on the back burner. 

  • last all day
  • no clumping
  • no flaking
  • no smearing/smudging 
  • cheap, about $5
  • a waterproof that comes in navy and brown (not seen too often)
  • Wand and tube is very long, making it a little awkward to apply
  • have to get it from an Avon rep or website
  • hard to remove 
  • sometimes during a long day the lashes might stick together, but it is rare