Primer Review Part 2

By Sunday, December 13, 2009 , ,

In this part of my primer review I am going to look at two mattifying primers. The first is from Avon and the second from Benefit.

Avon's MagiX Face Perfector:

This product is a white gel formula that dries matte on the skin. Very little is needed. It also has an SPF of 20. Avon claims "Colorless matte formula makes all skin tones look naturally flawless.Wear alone or under makeup. All skin types. Holds back shine for up to 10 hours, Visibly smoothes the look of fine lines and pores, SPF 20 sun protection." Their spokesperson/artist and Patrick's wife Jillian Dempsey says "This colorless formula is perfect for anyone who want to look naturally flawless and beautiful without looking like you're wearing any makeup. It's universally flattering and a secret weapon in your makeup bag."

I like using this in the summer. I find that it helps a lot with that glow I get in the summers humidity and also the spf value is a nice advantage in the summer. I do not find that it evens out my skin tone but I did find it did a good job of keeping my foundation on and making it last. I doubt I would wear it on a makeup free day but I do often wear it in the summer under tinted moisturizer (also with spf 20), I find it to be a great match, the primer keeps the moisturizers shine under control while complementing it as base and adding spf to the combo.

I do like this product and I would buy it again.

  • cheap ($15 Canadian for 30 ml, you can also find it on sale often)
  • Nice for oily, shinny or summer skin
  • Matte finish
  • spf 20 (always a good thing)
  • may be too dry for some skin types
  • doesn't meet claim of evening out skin tone

Benefit's Dr. Feelgood

I got this primer as a freebie with my Sephora points. It is a solid primer that Benefit claims "Benefit Dr. Feelgood mattifies the complexion and reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores. Fabulous for mid-day touch-ups...can be worn alone, under or on top of makeup! "

I found that it smoothed out my skin like there was no tomorrow and lines vanished. I really really really liked the way it felt on my skin and how it left it feeling. I did not find that my foundation went on that great on top of it or that it helped it last longer.I feel that it almost works better without a foundation on top of it, making it a bad primer. But once again it leaves the skin feeling amazing so it would be a good choice for makeup free days. I did seem to have an allergic reaction to it (I went red and puffy on the sides of my face near my eyes and it lasted 2 days).  I do not hold this against the product, I just have sensitive skin.

This product can also replace a mattifying gel or blotting papers/powder. It can be put on top or under makeup and for touchups. I think it would be great for touch ups and people with T zone shine issues. I love that it comes in a tin and that so little is needed for a great effect. 

  • fills in wrinkles and line
  • is solid and travels well
  • great for touch ups
  • can go under or over makeup
  • little is needed
  • controls oil and shine
  • foundation doesn't go on that great over it (making it a poor primer)