ELF Haul

By Saturday, December 19, 2009 , , , ,

I was going to do a blog about primers (part 3), but I still haven't gotten one of my airbrush primers and cannot do my airbrush primer review.  Fortunate me my ELF order arrived. Normally I order from them once, maybe twice a year, but the new studio line is so intriguing to me that I decided to get more (plus I now love my brow filler and broke mine, so I wanted more). When I ordered all the studio makeup was 50% so I had a good time buying stuff.

What I needed  most was the brow filler, I broke mine and can no longer live without it, so this time I opted to get two (they were 50% after all). They now have two brush cleaners, daily (which they were out of) and a shampoo, as well as face wipes and a face primer (review to come soon).

I also wanted to try out their much raved about studio blushes and bronzers. Since it is xmas time, hand skin is far to dry to even contemplate swatching on. I do like the appearance of them but they also look seriously shimmer (bigger shimmers), so I am in no rush to try them (I am not a big shimmer fan). I will most likely do a review when I have better skin and more time to play around with it.

The face wipes are amazing, but have a slight scent. For the $3 I would get more in a second. I find them just as good as the mac but much cheaper.

Here is a full list of what I ordered

17501 Eyelid Primer
181101 pearl/glow
181102 black/smoke
181602 ivory/medium
182201 natural
182301 nude/natural
183101 translucent
183201 fair
183601 blushed/bronzed
184006 Contour Brush
184008 Eyeshadow "C" Brush
183702 Cool Bronzer
183801 Complexion Perfection
185008 Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths
183131 Peachy Keen
183134 Mellow Mauve
185009 Brush Shampoo
185010 Daily Brush Cleaner (didn't get it btw)
183151 Porcelain
16101 Fair Foundation (for porcelain skin and neutral undertones)
281202 medium
282101 clear/natural
183401 Mineral Infused Face Primer