September 2023 Recap

By Friday, October 06, 2023 , ,

September came and went so fast, it barely felt like a whole month. I feel like I did so much and also absolutely nothing. Let's recap.
The month started the Friday of Labour Day weekend, I happened to have that Friday off so it was a really nice four day weekend. I planned on taking it easy, and swimming as much as possible before my pool closed on Labour Day night.

On the Sunday night we went to the annual North York Night Market and Jazz Festival. This even happens once a year at Mel Lastman Square (the home of North York's civic centre and its former City Hall). It had a bunch of neat food vendors as well as a stage playing some jazz music. 

We got to try things like deep fried brea cheese with cranberry jelly, pork boas, kababs, etc. I got to try my first Beaver Tail (it was just ok).

The jazz that was happening was definitely not my scene at all, but it quickly ended at 9:30 despite the market running until 11 pm. 

I was actually really excited about the whole event and how it was hyped as a once a year thing, only to see the next week was Taste of North York where it sounded like the exact same deal (even the same night hours), but with 75 vendors vs the maybe 20 we had at the night market. Lesson learned.

I went for my last swim, as my condo's pool closes on labour day. I really love my pool and went a ton this past summer.

My birthday was on the 10th, while most of my family was busy, Richard and I went out and got me a bunch or pumpkin spiced goodies before going to diner with another couple.

We went to Starbucks to get my free birthday drink, which is always my first Pumpkin Spiced Latte of the season. We then trekked out to Scarborough to the Krispy Cream factory to get some donuts. They ran out of much of the Pumpkin spiced options, but ast we paid the nice lady at the counter gave us a pumpkin Spiced Glazed donut for free. I also got some crazy frozen pumpkin spiced drink.  We ate some and as we left we saw the last one was now for sale, so we got that too.

We had teppanyaki for dinner with out friends. We celebrated a double birthday as our friend, Tim had his birthday earlier that week. We got a massive package for four, but for me the highlight was lobster tail and scallops.

The next day I went for a birthday lunch with my aunt at Eataly. I wasn't aware they had actual restaurants onside Eataly, we ate at Trattoria Milano I had a yummy tomato salad with a whipped feta dressing and a tomato and basil risotto. It was all very tasty. 

Later in the month I did a brunch and shopping day with my mom for my birthday.  We went to Cora and I didn't take any photos. I will say they always have incredibly tasty fruit at Cora. 

Finally in the birthday celebrations, we went to my sister in law's for my nieces birthday. We followed thos up by going to my brother's and had some yummy Indian food take out from The Host. 

From the 8th to the 27th I took care of my little buddy, Sophie. She's an adorable little shih poo that Bradley just loves.  It was a long stretch but it was nice for him to have a buddy.

We had a big condo meeting on zoom where we decided whether or not to proceeded to talk about selling to a developer.  It's all very preliminary, but nessisary to continue talks about this potential massive change. 

Finally I took the last week of the month off. I didn't do too much and didn't get as much as I wanted done, but I got lots of rest and some time to think.

So that was my September,  not exciting but that's not a bad thing.

I hope you all had a great September.