Products I Repurchase Everytime

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When it comes to beauty, skin care, hair care or body care, I often am trying out something new and different. I rarely am finishing up products or repurchasing. That being said there are some products I just repurchase and don't even think about because they are just such a part of my daily life. Today I thought I would talk about those products since I am always rebuying them.


I love this cream, so much so that I pick up a few each and every Black Friday at Sephora.  Usually an 8 oz. tube costs $60, but on Black Friday it is $19. 

Other than the fantastic price, I pick this up because it is amazing. It is great for the face but also my extremely sensitive hands and arms. Working as a groomer my arms get inflamed, dry and cracked, almost every product can cause a flare-up, but not this.

I also got my sister in-law hooked on it (and both her parents) when she had a skin infection during the 2020 lockdown. It is just that good.


This stuff is amazing!! I will never shut up about it. I first tried the original version in February 2020 and stopped when I was stuck at home for 8 weeks, but quickly went back to it.

I love how no matter how damaged my hair it, it soothes it out and makes it feel amazing. Both the original and the Dream Lengths versions are identical but with different scents. I recommend picking one up next time it is on sale.


I prefer spray anti-perspirants and this one has been my go to for a few years now. I have one at work that me and other employees use (a great bonus of a spray is how hygienic it is in a share setting) and one at home. I don't generally have a preference when buying on scent or type with this one. There is a black and white one as well as some other general scents. I picked my last one up at the clearance section of my Shoppers because it had a dented in it, so that made me happy.

Dr. Teal's Foam Bath and Bath Soaks

I love baths, that is no secret, so I love a great scented bath product. Dr. Teal's makes a lot of great products and I have talked about many on this blog. I always go back for more. Which one I buy really depends on what I am feeling like at the time so I cannot say I always go for one scent or another. The Shea butter ones are great for hydrating the skin in the dry weather, the Melatonin one is great for relaxing. Any way I work it I am happy buying Dr. Teals salts or bath foam.

Pure Standard Epsom Salts

While I love a nice scented bath, I go though Epsom salts super fast, like real fast, so I tend to supplement my salts with plain type to save a bit of money. The hubs is always noting when I am low and will grab me a new 5.5KG tub of salts from Costco.

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density

This is my go to hair product I will not live without going forward. In mid and late 2020 I lost over half my hair. Stress did that. With stress management and loving care my hair has grown back (woot woot). I really credit this stuff for doing that . It is loaded with anti-oxidants that help fight free radicals and that helps have a healthy scalp and hair. I think it is maybe best explained in this video from Kayley Melissa. Anyways, I started to use it back in the fall of 2020 and really couldn't find much about it at the time, but now it is a hugely popular product. It is like water when applied and just takes a few drops to get the job done (I use a full dropper every night).


This is a tick hair mask that takes 3 minutes to work. It has a pretty solid reputation because it is pretty cheap. I just picked one up yesterday on sale for $2.99. This used to only be available in the USA, but now you can get it anywhere including Dollarama from time to time. There also is a bigger bottle, I like the squeeze tube thought. It is cheap and does a great job at making my hair feel and look great. 


I have been in love with Perspirex for the last few years. It works incredibly well and keeps me from sweating for about 5 days even with showers. I am currently using their Comfort formula, which is milder then their others. Whenever I run out I go pick another one right up. 

*I purchased everything myself with my own money. Some  links contain affiliate links that may earn me a small commission.