Five On Friday | Jan 21

By Friday, January 21, 2022 ,

I've been inspired by my blogging buddies Renée and Jayne to start writing about more lifestyle, but also the things that make me happy. This isn't always easy for me because I have tons of self doubt about just about every action I do I life. So let's try to be positive and keep things sunny.

1. I did a blog post.
I wrote a post this week on Keri Clinical Care line. I really adored the line so it was a fun post to do. I am happy I got the first blog of the year under my belt. I was having some writers block and to be honest the best way to beat it is to just write. I am glad I did. I am also happy to be writing this post. Keeping the momentum going.

2. I got a Kobo.
I have been wanting to get an eraser for a bit. My coworker and few friends got ones this holiday season and it got me wanting one. I see so many people reading books and I just haven't.  Hopefully I can kick start a new hobby this year. 
I got mine at Shoppers Drug Mart with gift cards so it was free to me, plus 20 times the points. I am excited it works with my local library too.
I got the Kobo Libra H2O so it is waterproof and since I spend hours in the bath it makes me happy. 

3. It was Mr. Fox's birthday. 
Mr Fox had his birthday Thursday.  🎂.  While exciting it was nice he had the day off and we could spend a bit of time together. 
He requested Craig's Cookies so I got him a dozen. He also wanted Taco Rice, which is an Okinawa street food. Basically sticky rice with taco fixings. It was tasty. He also got a copy of Mario Kart from me for the Nintendo Switch. 
4. Bradley got a bath.
I've been putting of grooming Bradley for a bit. I am very glad I got to do it after all the snow that we had. He smells great and is fluffy so it am very happy.

5. I got a fruit and veggie box.
Today I got a produce box from FoodShare. FoodShare is an affordable way to get a whole pile of produce every week (they also have organic, fruit boxes and many other things). This cost us less than $30 and I am already excited for all the food I am going to eat. They also are a charity that help those living with food insecurity.

Each week gets a different selection, this was this weeks:
  • 1 bunch banana
  • 1 cabbage green
  • 1lb carrots mini
  • 1 cucumber field
  • 1 bunch kale green
  • 1 head lettuce iceberg jumbo
  • 1 bunch onion green
  • 4 oranges
  • 4 pears
  • 2lb potatoes yellow
  • 1 bunch thyme
  • 1 tomatoes grapes
Ok there are 5 things I am happy about for this week.