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*This Post Features PR Samples
Fall is here and that means the holiday season is fast approaching. I thought it would be a great time to introduce you to a few new items for fall from Farleyco that may also make holiday season gifts.
First Up is 7th Heavens new 24 Hour Hydration sheet masks. These come in some pretty exciting new options like CBD and Aftersun, but I chose to try out the Sensitive and Anti-Pollution versions. These masks are made of bamboo so they are biodegradable, which I really like. 

7th Heaven 24 Hour Hydration for Sensitive Skin Vegan Bamboo Sheet Mask /$4.99
Having sensitive skin is tough, but having dry and sensitive skin is really tough (literally). We know that some people need a bit more TLC, which is what our new sensitive 24-hour hydration mask is all about. No fragrance, no alcohol, no irritation - just endless hydration with an extra layer of care.
✔ Biodegradable bamboo sheet mask
✔ Vegan
✔ Offers skin 24 hour hydration
✔ Fragrance free
✔ Enriched with Vitamin E
✔ Clinically Proven
✔ Dermatologically tested
My skin can be super reactive and sensitive, so I was really excited for this mask. 
When I opened it there was not a lot of serum, definitely no extra for my neck. The mask was kind of a bad shape for my face, the bottom just didn't stick down too well. After 8 minutes it was pretty much falling off my face because it had dried up, so I removed it. Overall it was a big letdown.
My face felt ok, but just ok after. I ended up slathering it with some thick  light mask to get the hydrating feeling wanted.
7th Heaven 24 Hour Hydration Anti-Pollution Vegan Bamboo Sheet Mask for Dull & Tired Skin /$4.99
Pollution doesn’t only impact your lungs, it can have devastating impact on your skin too. Irritation, clogged pores and dull complexions are nobody’s idea of healthy skin, which is why our new mask pumps you up with vitamins and other antioxidants. You’ll feel like you’re wrapped in a safe bubble of hydration, far, far away from all those nasties hanging around. Pollution? What pollution?
✔ Biodegradable bamboo sheet mask
✔ Vegan
✔ Helps protect against environmental pollution and its harmful effects on the skin.
✔ Provides a sensation of having a protective matrix 'shield' over the skin.
✔ Helps provide skin with a brighter and smoother appearance.
✔ Fragrance free
✔ Enriched with Vitamin E
✔ Clinically Proven
✔ Dermatologically tested
This one came out of the pouch much more wet, which made me very happy. I'm not sure if my sensitive skin was just a fluke or what.  It still fit my face a little odd but because it had lots of product I could get it to stick down much better. 

I really enjoyed how it felt on my skin, cooling, hydrating, soothing, generally just comforting.  After 20 minutes my skin felt calm, soothed and nicely hydrated. I will be picking this one up again very soon.
Foamie Aloe You Vera Much Shower Sponge with integrated cream foam heart ensures a relaxing moment of wellbeing with every shower.The patented Foamie shower sponges use 1/3 less plastic than conventional shower gels and are free of sulfates, soap, silicone & lilial. 
•Dermatologically tested, they are suitable for every skin type.
•Vegan, 0% sulfates, soap, silicone & liliale
•Dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types
•Massages and easy to use thanks to ergonomic design
•Skin-optimized pH does not attack the natural protective layer of the skin
Patented shower sponge & Made in Europe

This is a pretty fun idea and a great stocking stuffer type gift. It's a vegan sponge with 6 tubes of solid cleansers (soap free bars of soap?). Wet it up, rub it together a bit and clean your self up, rinse it and hang it to dry.  I like that you don't end up needing any proofs or loofah with it. No bars that get water logged, just one product.
 I really liked using this and how my skin felt after. I actually hate bars of soap because I feel my skin is left with a film on it. But Foamie leaves my skin so clean and soft. I will be buying this again. I also love that is a fun non-soap take on soap on a rope, such a classic but also not so used today.
UNIC Hair Perfume - Red Fruits (50mL) / $8.99

A sparkling mix of red fruits! Its fruity & sugary notes will transport you to a world of delight all day long. The formula is enriched with silk protein.

Pamper your hair with UNIC Hair Perfume. Simply press on the pump to deliver a cloud of micro droplets that will cover your hair. UNIC provides smoothness and shine thanks to the recognized properties of silk protein, and fresh scented hair for the whole day
This tiny spray contains a fun hair perfume. It comes in a bunch of scents like Coco Monoi, White Flowers, Vanilla Gourmand and Red Fruits. I have tried out Red Fruits which has fruity and sugar notes in it, to me it smells like cotton candy. 
It has a fantastic micro spray trigger that with one pump delivers a super fine mist that coats all my hair. This is pretty much a must if you cook a lot or are a smoker to help keep our hair smelling fresh. My hubby is a chef and his hair always smells like grease or fish, I would love for him to start using this on a regular basis.

A spiral-shaped hair tie that provides strong, traceless hold and extreme comfort, now with an elegant new look.

Key benefits:
•Delicate look
•Strong grip with hair-loving, wearable comfort
•Non-soaking, and great for updos

I feel like everyone has tried Invisibobble by now. They are fantastic for holding your hair up and preventing kinks in your hair and actually feel nice when in your hair. Now there is a skinny version, it has a finer coil to it. I really love this with my current thinning hair.

I love them so much I may have picked up bunch to give to co-workers this holiday season.

Mika Groovy Grape Kids Foam Soap (232g) / $4.99
Turn boring bath time into fun time with Mika Foam Soap Sprays. Mika Soap Sprays have a mild and gentle formulation. The bouncy foam soap sprays make fun shapes or sculptures with its pliable foam. Available in a variety of incredible fruity fragrances and suitable to use in the bathtub, shower or anywhere!
Gentle formula
•No Sulphates
•No Parabens
•No Phthalates
•Safe for all ages
•Made in Canada
Tell me something is made in Canada and I'll get pretty excited. Mika Kids Foam Soap is no exception.  This is a soap that smells like grapes (or other fruits depending on the scent) that comes out like a foaming mousse.  
It's fun, it cleans your skin and it smells good. I'm personally going to be gifting these to my nieces this holiday season because they are so darn fun.
Bubble T Moroccan Mint Tea Bath Pearls (20 x 4g) / $11.99
If you love bath bombs you'll love our Moroccan mint tea bath pearls. Simply dip into your bath and let the tea infused fragrance do its job.
These gorgeous oils pearls release a reviving minty fragrance helping to enhance your senses and invigorate your day. Sit back and relax and let the oil sink into your skin.
Bubble T’s entire bath & body range contains a variety of tea-infused ingredients.
*Cruelty Free
*Paraben Free
*SLS Free

Do you remember oil beads from the '80s and '90s? I do! I used to use these all the time growing up and then they disappeared. I was so happy when I was sent them to review. 
Drop two in your tub while you run your water, they will pop and leave the top of your water with a soft an silky oil. These ones are Moroccan mint tea scented. Two in my tub gives it an subtle but very pleasant tea scent.

I particularly love them this time of year because my skin gets so darn dry and the oil helps nourish my skin and make the bath feel so nice. I love the feeling of when I step out of my bath and my whole body gets coated in the oil.

PRO:VOKE ILLUMINEX Touch Of Silver Strengthening Purple Shampoo & Conditioner
 For Blonde, Platinum, Grey or White Hair. NO SALON? NO PROBLEM!

Brighten your colour and repair damaged hair bonds with PRO:VOKE ILLUMINEX Touch Of Silver Strengthening Purple Shampoo. Remove unwanted yellow and orange brassy tones whilst strengthening damaged hair bonds in just one wash.

PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver Strengthening Purple Conditioner uses the most advanced ILLUMINEX formula, which is silicone & sulphate free and developed with AquaPlex™ to deeply hydrate. Enriched with vitamin B for hair that is bright, shiny & strong.
Do you have blonde , silver or grey hair? Then Touch of Silver may be what you need. These purple tones hair products help balance out brassy tones and keep your locks looking their best. 
These happen to be from their Strengthening line so they'll also help repair your dry and damaged hair. I'm personally mailing these to the Yukon to my mother in law for the holidays. She's a huge fan of Simply Silver with her all white hair.
So there you go, some new items for the fall, most of which I think would make great stocking stuffers or mini gifts for loved ones this holiday season. I already picked up a few for some people on my list and I feel a lot of relief that I have it over and done with. 
You can pick up most of these items at your local drug store or mass retailer, you can also get them at FarleyCo.ca.
 * This post features products sent from PR for review purposes, all views and opinions are my own. This post also features 1 affiliate link