ECOTOOLS Facial Mask Mates Reivew

by - Monday, October 22, 2018

Applying a face mask can be a bit messy at times and frankly removing them can be too.
Eco-tools solves both these dilemmas with their Facial Mask Mates. You get a flat brush with soft but firm bristles to help you scoop out and evenly apply your treatments. There is also a trio of sponges that help you remove the mask without ruining every facecloth in your home.
The brush is flat and firm (but soft bristles still) so you can scoop product and spread it around on your face easily. I love to use it for any type of mask, but it works really well on clay ones that I find can be a bit messy to apply. Also great for any mask in a packet, you can squeeze it right on to the brush and apply bit by bit.

The sponges look like cellulose but are really made of natural plant pulp. You can use them wet to remove your mask or just daily for cleanser removal. I find I miss fewer parts of the mask with the sponges then I do with a facecloth as well as I remove exfoliating particles much quicker. I really hate it when I wash off an exfoliator and still feel little granules on my face. 

The sponges clean up really easy, I just wash them with the same cleanser I use for my brushes, but hand soap does a great job too. I just set them aside to dry and reuse them.
Overall I am really loving how this kit helps make my mask application and removal less messy and more effective. I also love not staining all my facecloths with clay masks, that is always a plus.

Do you have any tools that help you with your mask routine?
*Product was sent from PR for review purposes; all views and opinions are my own.

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