Holiday Chocolate Guide

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I was working on my Gift Guide and Stocking Stuffer Guide for this Holiday season, it has become apparent to me that the lists are a little too long, because I was including chocolate in them. While not wanting to exclude good stuff from my guides, I thought it might be a better idea to have a stand alone chocolate gift guide.  I mean it is chocolate, I cannot just cut it out.
I love chocolate and I receive, buy and eat a lot of it this time of year. It makes a great stocking stuffer, gift to a loved one or a someone in a service industry you like to give a gift too (I am a dog groomer and I get tons of chocolate as a gift this time of year), or a hostess gift. Here are a bunch that I think are a good bet as a gift.

Before we get started, some items were in a gift bag I got when I attended a Shoppers Drug Mart Christmas preview party. Those that I received for review have an asterisk (*) next to them, all others I bought with my own money. All views and opinions are my own as always.
Mint Chocolate:
Mint is my favourite chocolate ever! I love mint chocolate tea, candies and chocolate. Growing up Mint Aero bars were my favourite. So here are some must have in the mint chocolate department.

After Eight
I love these sticks, crunchy and sweet with that cool mint flavour....yum. Now Mr. Fox loves the squares with the soft gooey middles, but I love these and you can only really find them this time of year.

Mint Hershey Kisses
Hershey Kisses are a great holiday treat, this time of year you can find white with mint in them. This cute bag has a little to/from tag on them too.

Mint M & M
I love mint and chocolate together, but sadly mint M&M's are only here in Canada during the holidays (in the USA any time of year). If you know a mint chocolate fan, get them a bag of these and make the happy. I just found out that there is also a white version of these, so I am going to keep my eyes peeled for them.
President's Choice Candies:
OK, there is one non chocolate one in here. But PC makes some nice candies and I have a few favourites that I get almost every year.
Maple Fudge*
Maple Fudge is Mr. Fox's number one favourite treat of all time. I can never go to a small town or fair and not bring him back some. It has to be maple, not maple walnut or anything like that. So when you find a good quality fudge that is made from real maple at a store you know you've done good.
Italian Dessert Truffle Trio*
This trio has Stracciatella, Tiramis├╣, and Cioccolato, each wrapped individually and imported from Italy.
Assorted Licorice
Assorted licorice is a favourite around her (you notice you hear that a lot, we like candy). I love buying it but often find it isn't as fresh as I would like. PC's is imported from the UK and in a nice classic tin so it stays fresh a lot longer then you would think. The quality is by far the best out of all the ones I have tried. I like the little buttons, they are my favourite.
Toffee and Sea Salt Chocolate Squares 
These little squares are just like their name says, toffee, sea salt and chocolate and imported from Belgium. Mr. Fox is a fan of any toffee or caramel sea salt products so I picked some of these up for him as part of his Christmas gift from me this year.

Other Holiday Classics:
Sometimes you just want some holiday classics, they always work well as gifts or your own little treat.
Ferrero Rocher Grand Roche Chocolate Shell*
I love Ferrero Roche like no other chocolate. Every Christmas I get at least one box of them. This gigantic shell of a Ferrero has two inside it (they also make a bigger one with four inside it). It so big I was jumping for joy when I got it. I honestly cannot wait to dig into it. So yeah I think it will make a great stocking stuffer for anyone who love Ferrero Rocher.
Lindt Lindor*
Lindors are a classic holiday treat. Individually wrapped and filled with a gooey middle they make a great gift for just about anyone. They come in a whole pile of different flavours, but their milk chocolate is a classic.
So there you go some good choices for those that have a sweet tooth. whether it is a stocking stuffer, hostess gift, or a gift for a friend or someone who you just want to show some appreciation to, these make for great gifts.

Do you have a favourite Chocolate or Candy that you love to have during the Holiday Season?