Ruckpack Combat Nutrition Energy Shots

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I recently received some RuckPack energy shots from Brand Backer to review. While I am not a big energy drink or shot person, Mr. Fox is quite the fan. We both work really exhausting jobs and he happens to really love working out. Sadly because of our jobs work-outs can easily be skipped due to lack or energy or time. Mr. Fox decided to try out three different RuckPack energy shots to see if they could help with his fatigue and energy levels.

RuckPack is a brand developed by Marine Special Operations Forces to deliver not just the caffeine that most brand do, but also ingredients that help counter act caffeine's  crazy side effect and keep your brain sharp. So not just a body stimulant, but one that keeps your mind sharp too. In 2012 they went on SharkTank and got a deal with my two favourite Sharks, O'Leary and Herjavec (also the Canadian two sharks). Since then the brand has grown but kept to its values of donating 10% to charities while being made in the USA.

Now on to the products. We got three flavours to try out. Raspberry Grenade (non-caffeinated), Citrus Ambush (twice the caffeine) and Strawberry Assault (caffeinated). Each shot is 3 oz, which is quite large for an energy shot. Each formula contains ingredient to counter act mind fatigue as well as keep you alert. A-GPC is AlphaSize Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline which is a brain nutrient, that helps combat memory loss. Theanine is a simulator of the brain that is found in nature with caffeine that helps produce a more focused mind while counteracting caffeine's attack on the nervous system. They also contain natural occurring caffeine, sugars and colours. Now, I am going to take a look at each option and what Mr. Fox thought of them.
Raspberry Grenade (NON-CAFF)
This baby has zero caffeine in it, to help boost you full of energy and fight off fatigue it has a bunch of ingredients  that sound amazing and do wonders. 150 mg of A-GPC  and Theanine as well as some other great stuff (it somehow has 425% of your daily value of Vit D so that is a bonus).

So what did Mr. Fox think? He found that at the end of a very long day or work that would have usually exhausted him (11 hours people), he still had a surprisingly amount of energy left and chose to go to the gym. He used the word SURPRISINGLY about 4 times because he really was surprised it still was working at the end of his work shift and without caffeine. He also found that he wasn't fatigued then next day like he is when he takes a Redbull or 8 Hour Energy drink. So that all sounded amazing to me. The only complaint he had was the taste was a little strange, it has an odd acidic taste that wasn't too nice. Nothing that he couldn't get past, since he really liked the effect the shot had on him.

This is their 1:1 formula, with 120 mg of caffeine in it (a coffee has 80 mg in it), it also has 12o mg of Theanine and 150 mg of A-GPC. The caffeine comes from green tea so it isn't artificially derived.

When I asked Mr. Fox what he though, he told me he was really happy with this one. He loved the taste and found he didn't get any caffeine jitters like he might with other shots. He really enjoyed how he felt more focused at work and wasn't just buzzing around like a jacked up coffee junkie. As with the Raspberry Grenade he felt great the next day which was the biggest surprise of all.
This formula has 2:1 caffeine and packs quite the punch at a whopping 240 mg  of it. It also has 120 mg Theanine and 150 mg of A-GPC in it. This has the same amount of caffeine as a venti iced coffee at Starbucks and close to the 300 mg max recommended daily dose. Fortunately it is small and has a bunch of  those ingredients that counter act the negative effects caffeine can have on the body.

This was the one formula I was a little worried about Mr. Fox taking, since it is so high in caffeine and he can be pretty sensitive to it (jitters, mood swings, unfocused), but it turns out it is his favourite one. He said it tasted the best, just fantastic! He also said he would have never known it had caffeine in it if he didn't read the bottle, he felt the same as when he had the Raspberry Grenade, focused, long drawn out energy for the whole day and lots when his work day ended so that he could go to the gym too. All the other good for your ingredients in the formula really do take that edge off making it a fanatic product.
While RuckPack isn't exactly for me, it really suits my hubby's life of 3 hour gym sessions after 10 hour work days as well as his just general work day stress and fatigue. I personally am going to get a case of the Caffeine Free Raspberry Grenade so that I can try it out at work ( I am always way too tired after work to go work out). I really like the fact they are naturally flavoured and caffeinated, the fact they were created by military who know what fatigue is all about and the importance of mental clarity during a trying situation. The added vitamins and nutrients in the formulas also is a great feature that is wooing me over.

I happen to have a code that gets you 20% off any order you do on their website, BB068. Head on over to for more information on their product lines.

*this post features products that Brand Backer sent to me to review. All views and opinions are my/Mr. Fox's own.