Get Your Flavour On With Lip Smacker and Coca-Cola

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Lip Smacker has launched a bunch of adorable Coca-Cola inspired lip balms. Frankly I could not be more excited about them. I am down right giddy. Why you may ask? Well I have a Coca-Cola collection, not just bottles (oh I have a bottle so old it doesn't even have the iconic curve to it), I have wine glasses, fine dining glasses, trays, prints, nail polish collection, watches, you name it I probably have it in my house. I even have a bottle of the infamous New Coke from its first bottling still sealed. So yep I love me my Coca-Cola products.
Now that I have told you far too much about my coke collection, it is time to talk about these babies form Lip Smacker. They come in the same pod like formula as the Disney Tsum Tsum lip balms from Lip Smacker. Instead of being housed in adorable Disney characters they are in a Coke products fountain pop cup, complete with straw and coloured ice cubes. I actually really like the packaging, the little straw is easy to hold when applying.

The formula is in a bullet shape, so they are firmer then tube lipbalms and as a result you get less on your lips when applying. They go on smooth and coat your lips with a fine and slippery constancy. I really like the formula because unlike tube balms you wont smush them and they don't absorb instantly into your lips, they linger and last.

So let us run down the flavours.

The classic, the one the only. Since 1886 this stuff has been quenching peoples thirst, now their chap lips too. This smells just like Coke, so much so it is amazing. If Classic Coca-Cola is your fizzy drink of choice then I am sure you'll love it, I do.
Fanta Orange:
This smells exactly like orange pop. If Fanta Orange is your thing then buy this ASAP, you wont regret it.
Fanta Grape:
Grape soda has never been my thing, but this is pretty darn spot on. Seriously Lip Smacker, how do you do it?
Barq's Root Beer:
Interesting fact, Barq's has bite because it has caffeine in it due to its 1898 recipe. I like root beer but don't love it, the hubby on the other hand always gets root beer whenever he is at a restaurant. I made him smell it and the lip balm hating man that he is said he would use it.
Cherry Coca-Cola:
This is my jam! I used to have to get a friend to bring me cases of Cherry Coke Zero across the border for me (who else is happy it is now available here in Canada now?). Cherry Coke is a great drink so it makes a great lip balm. I already bought one of these, so having a back up is great. My first one had cherry red 'ice cubes' on the top, my new one is brown like the Coke, so I have no clue what they all look like out there. I found I had to use it a few times to really get the cherry flavour/smell going with it (I was originally a bit disappointed, but not for long), now it is my favourite and keep it in my purse at all times. Clearly my favourite of all of them.
Overall I think Lip Smacker has nailed it again. I love these as much as my Disney Tsum Tsum (same format and formula so why wouldn't I). I get to hydrate my lips while getting a kick of my favourite soda flavours. I am also excited to have more items to add to my Coca-Cola collection (insert evil laughter here). Oh and they are cute, really cute, I mean who wants a plain stick of balm when you can have these?

Lip Smacker Coca-Cola Cup Lip Balms retail for $4.99 and are available at Select: Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaw, Real Canadian Superstore, Lawtons and Toys R Us. I got my Cherry Coke one at Walmart in February though, so keep your eyes peeled for them where you find your Lip Smacker products.

Have you tried any of these Coca-Cola inspired lip balms? What is your favourite pop flavour? Is it soda or pop to you?  
*Products were sent for review purposes. All views and opinions are my own.