L'oreal Infallible Paints

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L'oreal Infallible has launched an amazing new collection of of high pigment products. Lip colours, cream eye shadow duos, liquid liners and a blush palette all with intense pigmentation and colours ranging from nude to bold brave shades. There is definitely something in the new line to impress just about everyone.

Infallible Paints Lip:
The high impact liquid lacquer lipsticks come in 13 colours. The range isn't just bold reds, pinks, purples and oranges, there is also some pretty darn spectacular nudes in it too and a navy blue (which I bought after these swatches so stay tuned for it in another post). These babies go on in one swipe and give full opacity right off the bat. They feel so soft and comfortable on the lips which is very impressive considering their coverage. The tube ensures that you aren't going to waste any of it, you can squeeze every last bit out. The doe foot has a swoop in the centre that curves to your lips, but if your like me it also means you can use the tip for accurate lip lining and shaping.
Infallible Paints Cream Eye Shadows:
These ceaseless cream eye shadows come in 12 different duos. They range in subtle and nude to bold and bright. I happened to get 304 Navy Yard to try out. It is a gold navy shade with a pinky pearl shade on the other. While I steer away from blues because of my blue eyes and general preference, I love love love the rose side. I have worn it both as a base under eye shadows and as a stand alone shade, I love it both ways. I find that it never creases and lasts all day on me without any issues.
Infallible Paints Blush:
This palette features 4 shades of blush that can be layered to be sheer to incredibly bold. At first I was afraid that with the high pigmentation that the Infallible Paints line has that this would be one of those crazy pigment blushes that goes on too strong and isn't blendable, one that you need to need a really light hand with. As it turns out, it is pretty darn easy to use, while yes the colours are bright and pigments, they go on easy and build well, just use a fluffy blush brush and they will blend out nicely. Peach, pink , hot pink and orange fill this palette as well as the standard not so useful brush. All the shades are matte which makes them an almost automatic hit in my books.  Looking to get a new selection of blushes? Why not get this palette, palettes make things better!
Infallible Paints Liner:
Felt tip liners are always my choice when lining my eyes, they just do such a  good job. These babies are nice and long with a fine tip, which means some pretty accurate application. With 6 shades these babies range from the usual black, to bold white and blues and teals in between. They are pretty darn opaque in application, one swipe is all I need for a good solid line, they also stay put incredibly well throughout the day.
When all is said and done the Infallible Paints line is just fantastic. With loads of pigment and fun colours to work with as well as more traditional and nude shades you can really come up with some great looks. I personally am loving a lot of the items. The glosses are by far my favourite, I used them all the time and get full lipstick coverage with a nice gloss. Many ended up staining my hand after swatching, ,which just proves how pigmented and long lasting they are.

My Look:
In this look I am wearing the rose shade from 304  Navy Yard as a cream shadow, The lighter blush in the palette (far right),  306 Intrepid Teal liner and with 318 Fearless Fuchsia as my lip colour.
*Products sent for review from PR, all views and opinions are my own.