Fresh Zodiac Oval Soap Collection

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Fresh's Oval Soaps have been pretty famous since they first launched in 1993. Wrapped in artisan paper and wire with a little gem stone, they are luxurious and feel quite decadent to just even hold. Well this year Fresh has launched a Limited Edition Zodiac Oval Soap Collection just in time for the holidays.
Just like Fresh's other Oval Soaps, these are wrapped in artisan paper and wire for a very high end look. The big difference is each sign gets its own decorative paper, has a drawing of the sign and a element related stone. Making it a really glamorous and large bar of soap. At 8.8 oz or 250 g it is absolutely huge compared to other bars that are out there. They are triple milled so they last a long time and are nice an heavy too. They are made without parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

The signs are divided into four scents based on their elements and each get their own colour scheme and little stone to represent them.
Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius get Verbena as their scent. Bright and fresh with green citrus as its scent, while the soaps packaging is blue and grey with an aventurine stone.

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn get Sugar scented soap. Blended with sweet caramel and citrus it smells fantastic. Wrapped in olive and brown packaging with a quartz stone.
Water Signs: Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio get Waterlily. With a sheer aquatic and floral blend it smells incredibly clean. All wrapped up in Turquoise and aqua packaging with a fluorite stone.

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius soap have Mangosteen. With Mangosteen and Nectarines it smells fruity and light. This soap comes wrapped in orange and red with a Tiger's Eye stone.
I happen to be a Virgo, so that means my soap is Sugar. I love the wrapping, it is so pretty and just feels decadent. Once I finally opened it (I really didn't want to, I wanted to keep it there forever) I could just smell how great it was and marvelled in its size. This is quite the soap and it will make a great gift for anyone. The back side (like all their oval soaps) says the name of its' scent, in this case Sugar.
I think these make such a great gift, I already ordered two for friends up coming holiday gifts. Not only is it a very pretty and luxurious bar of soap that I think makes a great gift, it is personalized just for that person. They know you really thought about buying it just for them. They also make for great stocking stuffer type gifts, making each person feel nice and special.
You can pick up Fresh's Zodiac Oval Soap Collection at for a limited time only for $18.00 Cad.

Have you tried any of the Fresh Oval Soaps before? What do you think of the astrology theme?

*Product was sent for review, all opinions are my own. And yes, I did go buy two for gifts for my friends who love astrology with my own money.