Annabelle TwistUp Review Part 2

By Tuesday, July 12, 2016 , , , ,

It is time to do my Second Annabelle TwistUp post. 
I picked another 6 random TwistUps from my collection, let the swatting and reviewing begin.
I chose the shades Romance, Naked, Absolute, Bubble, Fuchsianista and Breeze for this round.
Romance is mauve-nude shade. It is creamy and opaque but soft on the lips.  I think on my pale skin tone it looks quite flattering. This was one of the first TwistUp shades I tried out and I wear it by far the most often. 
Naked is nude! Big shock there, but it is as nude as I can wear without looking like I can comfortably wear. It has a slightly dry cream finish that runs just a bit peachy, which is what makes it different then a straight up brown nude shade and more wearable for me. 
Absolute is considered a nude on the Anabelle site, and I get that it is pretty nude shade. That being said on me it runs pink, in fact on me it is a My Lips But Better shade (or at least I think so). It is also a bit sheerer then some of the other shades, so that is probably why it works so well as a MLBB shade.
Bubble is a creamy pink that is a bit more slick and has a slip to it unlike some of the other finishes, this makes it a tad bit sheerer, but still almost full coverage. It makes it quite a wearable pink for those who might not love overly bold pink shades.
Fuchsianista a bold, creamy pink with a full coverage. Sometimes you get a fuchsia that has a ton of blue in it, sometimes you get one that has just only a hint of blue in it. Fuchsianista is the later of the two. With less blue in it then other fuchsias it make this baby a really pretty bold pink.  This is definitly one of the brightest shades in the line up (kinky pink is also up there, see part one of this series to see that shade),  and is in my top 5 as far as favourites go.
Breeze is another mauve shade but this time with more pink and less nude-brown in it then Romance. It has a slightly sheer finish to it which makes it not too bold on the lips. Could I wear this shade everyday? Probably! Why, because it is really wearable on me.
There you go, another six of my Annabelle TwistUps. I love the easy to use TwistUp packaging, the fact a liner isn't needed and the general formulation and colour selection of the brand.

I plan on reviewing six more TwistUps until I am done my collection, so stay tuned for more.

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