L'oreal Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque 1-2-3

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Introducing our exclusive 3-step nail system for spectacular nails like you’ve never seen before. New L’OrĂ©al Paris Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque provides high-gloss, and resilient shine while protecting nail color from dings, dents and scratches. Get the high-shine of a UV-Gel and the perfect nail shape without harmful UV rays. 
 An exclusive rubber-silicone-infused formula helps perfectly coat the nail, offering multiple-day wear with a high-gloss, polish look. This formula allows for a more solid deposit on the nails and is infused into each of the three steps:
STEP 1: GEL PRIMER Nail surface is instantly smooth and flawless
STEP 2: GEL COLOR Color is richer, magnified to a new level of intensity nails are visibly thicker
STEP 3: GEL GLAZE Shine is captured and reflected from every angle 
I recently was sent a few of the new L'oreal Paris Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque 1-2-3 polishes. I then promptly ran out and bought some more.

Basically it is a lamp free gel nail polish, an alternative to the shellacs of the world that is 1) affordable, 2) easy to use, 3) easy to remove and 4) has amazing shine.

First apply the base coat, let it dry. Then apply the colour in two thin coats (I usually do three to get the coverage I like). Finally apply the top coat and wait for it to dry. Thats it, you're done.
Step 1 - Gel Primer Step 3 - Gel Glaze
The colours I have
  1. shinetastic 714 *
  2. Miss Luster-ess 702 *
  3. bold bordeaux 713 *
  4. decadent indulgence 716 *
  5. fashion's finest 705 *
  6. hot couture 720 **
  7. lacque-red 712 **
  8. glosssed & found 719 **
  9. meant to be 706 **
  10. diamond in the buff 707 **
As it currently stands I am really liking these polishes. They dry super fast and are quite thin in consistency. I  find that two coats of the 2 step just wasn't' enough, it chipped too fast and just didn't last as long. I started to use three coats and noticed a big difference in the wear of the polish.

Did it last? Ok three coats of colour is the key, but not matter what I do no polish lasts long on me, so I cannot comment on their claims. What I can say is, it lasted much longer than regular polish and stayed super shiny the whole time.
I personally loved how shiny the polishes are once the top coat is applied.

I definitely think they are worth checking out and giving a try.
Fashion's Finest 705
Hot Couture 720
Decadent Indulgence 716
Primer and Top Coat kit retails for $15.99 (sold together) and the individual polish shades retail for $8.99. It is available in 21 shades and you can find it at your local drug store or mass retailers.

*I received this product for consideration, it does not influence my views on them.
** Products were purchased with my own money.

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