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It has sure been a while since I've had a wish list, but right now I really really want some things.

 NYX The Curve. While my local Rexall has NYX and quite a big display, they don't have this line. I keep on hearing how fantastic it is and how it makes doing a winged eye look effortless.

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude. I've grown weary of my shimmery or satin shadows having a massive amount of fall out at work throughout the day. Every single work day I end up with makeup under my eyes….I figured mattes would at least not be as obvious and just not lead to shimmer under my eyes I can't clean up. I've only heard good things about the Meet Matt(e) palette and it is now officially on my radar.

Benefit They're Real Line. Oh my oh my this is an innovative liner. I have only heard good things and now seen how great it looks on other people that I really really want it.

L'oreal Voluminus Miss Magna in Turquoise. This one is limited edition, I have the black and purple but I really want this green one. As soon as I spot it in my local store I am buying it and the waterproof version.

L'oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream in Anti-Redness. I love the regular BB version of this, but one with a green hue that corrects redness seems too intriguing to resist. Oh I really want this.

 Eco-Tools Skin Perfecting Brush. I have just seen so many amazing reviews on this brush. I personally love all my Eco-tools brushes and I am sure I'm join got love this one too.

 Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I keep on seeing and hearing about this sponge. Man I want it! I love my beauty blenders but I still want this.

Is there any of these items you want to check out? What are adding to your wishlists?

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