Mountain Equipment Co-Op Haul

By Wednesday, May 14, 2014 , , ,

I'm going on a vacation, woot woot!!!
So naturally I went to Mountain Equipment Co-op and went nuts. Now for those of you that don't know MEC is a great Canadian outdoorsy store that sells so many amazing things and at great prices.

I ordered some things online and grabbed a few in store.
Cactus Creek Travel Wallet $12. This is a hidden wallet meant for camping or traveling. Since I am going to Europe I thought it might be wise to bring this along to hide my money.
Chaos Multi Tubular Headware $12. This essentially is a fancy tube headband. It says it has lots of uses, I just liked the colour.
I realized after I got it I had a black and white bandana patterned one exactly like it from Ardene. I am glad I got this though, it is neat and pretty.
Nike Hat $24. I really like this hat, which is odd. So I got it, nothing like a good hat in the summer time.
Store 'N Pour Container Alls $4.90. I picked these up for toiletry items. I think they will be great for shampoo and conditioner.
Folding Scissors $2.00. These I just thought might be handy while away.
Nalegine Bottles. Small $0.65 large $2.40. These just seemed like a wise idea for toiletries.
Gear Ties $3.00. I got these because Sonia Travels pretty much told me to get them. They seem great for my cords and other annoying things while traveling.
GoTubb: These little containers pop open and Sonia Travels says they are great for lotions. I trust her on this. Sadly I can't find them on MEC site.

So that is it…I got some goodie, spent some money. I am happy with my choices.

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