Vichy Liftactiv Advanced Concentrate

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Suitable for sensitive skin. Pure Retinol + LR2412 + Hyaluronic Acid. For every woman who wants intense correction on the look of deep vertical wrinkles, and reveal expressions that are younger, more positive in appearance.
Vichy's Liftactiv Advanced Concentrate is a multi purpose product that has so far exceeded my expectations. Meant to deliver doses Retinol + LR2412 + Hyaluronic Acid, it provides a double action of effectiveness by smoothing the look of deep, vertical wrinkle and to transform expressions for a younger, more positive appearance. It can be used alone as a moisturizer, over your serum,or as a localized treatment. I've chosen the later option and just applied it where wrinkles occor most often, my eye area, lip area, and forhead.

So what do  I think of it? Well you might be wondering what kind of an opinion could I have on it, after all I got carded the other day at the liquor store, but hey you know what? I'm 33 going on 34  I need to start worrying about well worry lines. Not to mention smile lines, and all other types of lines that are starting to form on my face. To be honest I have definite seen a difference in my face over the last 3  years and in the last two months of using this concentrate I have noticed my lines soften and just an overall improvement in the youth of my skin. Heck giving it credit for me being carded in the liquor store, that is how much I think it has been working for me!
he product works on both the epidermis to activate cellular renewal and global skin improvement and the dermis to prevent the degradation of collagen fibres responsible for deep wrinkles with a formula made up of  pure retinol - to smooth and fill all types of wrinkles; adenosin - an anti-inflammatory that also boosts the efficacy of the retinolLR2412 - to help fill in deep vertical wrinkles; hyaluronic acid - fills wrinkles, plumps and deeply hydrates skin; and glycerine - ensures a constant rate of water in the upper layers of the epidermis.
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Coming out of the pointed tip on the tube, the product feels like a thicker lotion with lightweight texture. It disappears quickly after I tap it in and leaves no trace, easy to use.
Finally here are some makeup free shot of me from a recent post, no makeup on whatsoever. While not the best shot of my face, you can clearly see I feel very confident without makeup on and I feel I am looking more radiant and youthful.
Have you tried Vichy Liftactiv Advanced Concentrate? What you think of it?

I received these products for consideration, it dose not influence my views on them.