My Stockpile

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Three years ago we moved, and with that my stockpile started. Before the move we just never had room for me to keep 'backups' of bathroom things. After the move we got a tiny 10' wide linen closet. When the hubby installed shelves I was able to take the top shelf and keep some back ups. This slowly turned into three shoe box sized bins and a bit of overflow. 
the stockpile on the floor.
Since every time I need to access it I have to get a step ladder and pull it all down I tend to keep it out of sight out of mind. With my recent xmas/boxing day goodies to put away and some replenishing of the bathroom needed I decided it was the perfect time to embarrass myself by showing you my stockpile.

I also want to have the motivation not to go out and buy anything new. So if I keep track of what I have and when I use it maybe I can clear out some items.
This is the step stool I use by the way. Above is some items I got from Bath and Body Works when they discontinued some of my favourite scents, Butterfly Flower and Forever Sunshine. I do use them but the stock pile I created is insane. I am just one woman I don't use that much body wash !
 Sticking with the same scents I picked up a perfume of Forever Sunshine, two body sprays and a body spray of Butterfly Flower. I already have a perfume and one of each body sprays on the go. In no way will ever finish the perfume as it is far stronger then the sprays, so I may consider selling it on ebay.
 Moving into some hair, I have a L'oreal Power Moisture Conditioner, a John Frieda Luxurious Volume shampoo and conditioner, and two Aussie 3 minute Miracles.
 I have a back up of my L'oreal Elnett Satin Curl spray (it was $2 on clearance at my Shoppers) and a John Frieda Frizz-Ease
 In some body stuff I have a Villainess Body butter, The Body Shop Beautifying Oil in lemon,  BBW mini lotion and body spray in Pink Sugarplum and a Garnier Body Intensive 7 days Soothing Gel-Cream. I already have an oil on the go and a Garnier gel-cream on the go.
 Ok so that is the same Villainess lotion, so ignore it. I have a Montagne Jeunesse Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie and The Body Shop Body Butter in Passion Fruit.
 All of these I got recently in this haul post, but this is all the new Honeymania scent from The Body Shop, 3 mini washes, a mini scrub and mini body butter.
 I also have far too much Satsuma. a small scrub, small body butter, two small washes, two 250 ml washes and a 750 ml wash. EEEK this is not normal.
 Amazing grace body wash, BBW Fresh Picked Tangerine body wash, The Body Shop Soya Milk, BBW Warm Vanilla body Wash and Ombra bubble bath.
Finally some scrubs, I got three small The Body Shop scrubs (Chocomania, Coconut and Olive) and a BBW White Citrus scrub.
Trader Joe's Lavender Salt Scrub, The Body Shop Mango Body Butter and Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter.
Finally what I pulled today from the stockpile. Aussie 3 minute Miracle, BBW White Citrus Body Scrub and Ombra Foam Bath.

That leaves me:
9 full sized Body Washes (1 amazing grace, 6 Bath and Body Works, 2 The Body Shop)
1 full sized Bath and Body Works Cream Body Wash
3 full sized Bath and Body Works Body sprays
1 full sized Bath and Body Works Perfume
6 mini sized Body wash (5 The Body Shop, 1 Bath and Body Works-not shown, sorry)
1 mini sized Body Spray ( Bath and Body Works)
1 mini sized Body lotion ( Bath and Body Works)
2 mini sized Body Butter (The Body Shop)
5 mini sized body Scrubs (The Body Shop)
1 gigantic Body Wash (759 ml The Body Shop)
1 full sized The body Shop Beautifying Oil
4 full sized body butters (1 Trader Joe's, 2  The Body Shop, 1  Montagne Jeunesse )
1 soya milk powder (the Body Shop)
3 conditioners (1 Aussie, 1, John Frieda, 1 L'oreal)
1 shampoo (John Frieda)
1 frizz ease
1 elnett spray
1 villainess Body butter
1 Garnier gel-cream
1 large body scrub (Trader Joe's)

EEEK that is too much. So my plan it to update you guys on what I take out of my stockpile and make sure I don't add to it. I also want to use older items up first.