Vote for Nail Polish Canada for E-tailer of the Year for a Chance To Win!

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Canada Post is having an E-Commerce Awards, and Nail Polish Canada is on of the top finalists. This is fantastic news for this great company (which I do love).And why shouldn't they be in the running, they have a fantastic selection of polishes, they carry The Balm Cosmetics, Youngblood and more,oh and they have free shipping.

Nail Polish Canada needs our votes to win though, so between now and September 20th you can vote for them daily HERE. But wait there is more. To show the appreciation for our votes there will be a daily draw for prizes, as well. If they win there will be two gigantic prizes given away.

Please pop by and vote today (and tomorrow and the next day...), you might just win something too.

How it works
Vote for NPC
You can vote every day. Voting runs from August 28th to September 20th 12:00PM.
You must record your vote to enter - win at Nail Polish Canada’s vote page here.

Voting & prizes are open to Canadian and U.S. residents.
Daily Draw
There is a daily thank-you draw for everybody who voted that day for awesome prizes!
Bonus: If Nail Polish Canada Wins the Vote
If wins Consumer Champion then there will be a massive giveaway with two winners!
Grand Prize #1: 24 bottles of Enchanted Nail Polish
Grand Prize #2: $1000 shopping spree at Nail Polish Canada
Both prizes are awarded separately and every day you voted for us as Consumer Champion is one entry to win.
Prizes are only open to Canadian and U.S. residents. See for full details.

Please Vote Today, I know I am.

*No compinsation was taken for this post, I just really like Nail Polish Canada and wish them well.