Perfect DIY Nude Polish

By Thursday, September 26, 2013 , , , , ,

You ever try to get the perfect nude nail polish? Not easy is it? 
Well I have come up with a pretty simple solution to this problem
If you saw my post "Pigment Nail Polish Mixing Trick" from a few years back you will pretty much see the same tip.

Take a powder foundation, mineral or otherwise, scoop some into an old empty gum pack. Then pour some clear polish into the same well. Mix with brush or a toothpick. Paint your nails. If needed pour more polish in. When done wipe brush down with nail polish remover then rubbing alcohol before retuning to bottle. You're all done!

By using your own foundation you know the colour will match your skin very well. It is also a way to use up any powders that don't 100% suit you, but then the polish might not too.

You can also do this with pigments and make any colour you like.

Hope you liked my tip!