Buyincoins Haul - Brushes!

By Tuesday, July 09, 2013 ,

If you didn't know already, I am a huge fan of the site Buyincoins, in fact I've written about their fantastic brush guards here and did a video about them here and here oh and here. I finally got the second part of my order, brushes. I actually do like the fact that they will split up orders so you don't have to wait forever for everything (but it still takes a while to get here from China, no matter what).

I picked out some brushes that were Sigma like, a large fan brush, a goat hair brush that resembles and extremely pricy Nars brush, some mascara wands and some lipstick wands.
So far I have found them all to be super soft and I am actually in love with them. I love brushes I really do, but I rarely fall head over heals for ones. These are just amazing. The Sigma type ones (but not actual Sigma, let's just make that clear) are super soft and I doubt I will ever lust for a real Sigma brush again. 

As for the other brushes, they too are soft, the fan brush in particular might be one of the softest I've ever used.

For those interested here are the links to the brushes I got

Fan brush
Rattan brush
Pointed brush
Flat brush
Domed brush
Angled brush
Lip wands

Oh and all the items were under $4 in cost, so I am really happy (that is with the shipping).