IKEA North York Helmer Deal

By Friday, March 01, 2013 , , ,

The Ikea Helmer might be my most loved item of all time.It is a fantastic mini filing cabinet that is ideal for any makeup enthusiast. It is coveted by nail polish addicts and is just plain fantastic.
I have two and use them as "legs" for my desk/vanity and well I do not know how I would cope without them.
Ikea Canada just sent out its family membership deals for March at its North York location, the Helmer at that location is on sale for $29.99!!! That is $20 off!
Although I have two I am seriously considering getting another for that price as my situation has gotten quite cluttered lately.
This is my current setup, I have formed a bit of clutter in the gap and I have a poor setup in the closet for my backup/specialfx products so I might be great to solve that. BTW the table top was from ikea too and cost $9. To see what I did to my vanity/desk last year click here.

Check out the ikea family website and see if the deal is in your area http://family.ikea.ca/