Haul and New Acquisitions and Upcoming Blog Posts

By Tuesday, March 05, 2013 , , , , , , , , , ,

There has been a bit of backlog on the blog lately, so this is a bit of a catch up post showing what I purchased and received recently.
From Shoppers Drug Mart, CoverFx is changing their logo and getting rid of some items, so they were 50% off last week (they may still be, I'm not sure) . I got their Brush Cleaner (sadly they are not brining it back) and their Skin Prep Primer. Both were a steal.

The items on sale were the concealer, brushes, brush cleaner, kits, powders and the primers. I heard the radian primer will not be returning.
I also picked up a jumbo sized bottle of Marcelle Soothing Cleansing Water. It is double the size of the original with a pump....so happy about this. I paid $17.99 for it (the regular one was $14.99).
I then went back to Shoppers and picked up some more items. I got L'oreal's Healthy Look Creame Gloss in 5MM (mahogany) it was $9.99. I also picked up a CoverFX brush (still 50% off) for $19.00. Rimmel Scandalous Waterproof Kohl Kajal Liner in nude. I also nabbed a Essence Stays no matter what 24 hour mascara. This stuff has been all my friends have been talking about, supposedly it is amazing and extremely waterproof.
I attended an event hosted by L'oreal discussing the upcoming hair trends, as a gift I got to take home this box of FĂ©ria Wild Ombre in 060. So excited to try it. FionaMan tried it already and she looks amazing, check it out.
The incredibly fabulous Meredith from Et Tu And You gave me a sweet gift of these Villainesse body products. I really love their smell. I haven't used them yet, but once I do, expect a blog post.
Real Techniques is finally in Canada. WOOT WOOT. Surprisingly at Walmart. Which can only mean one thing, sparse quantities and insane women hunting for them like it is a sport. Hey remember Hard Candy Glamoflauge? Ok well my safari buddy Meredith nabbed me all three sets...the last ones too.

If you want a review of any of these items please request it in the comments or on twitter. I would love to review anything. That being said I hope to eventually do blog posts or reviews for everything at some point, but I'll rush anything that is requested