Cross Border Haul

By Friday, March 29, 2013 , , , , , , , , , ,

I spent last monday across the border doing some shopping. We went to a mall, and outlet mall and Target.

While at the mall I popped into Sephora, this is what I got:

I had purchased the Sephora Favourites Perfume Sampler last year, and while I loved it and the 10 mini fragrance bottles it came with, I was never able to redeem the certificate for my full size until now. Yep, in store only, USA store at that. So I chose to get DKNY Golden Delicious au de Parfume (3.4 oz). It retails for $98.00 Cad or $80.00 USA (seriously that was a big difference in price $18 ). I am really glad I made that choice, since it is such a large bottle and many of the other ones were under 2 oz in size.
the sampler set I got last year
The other item I got was the Sephora + Pantone Universe Precious Metals Shadow Palette, it regualary was $48 USA or $58 Cad, but I grabbed it for $27.00!!
And guess what, It turns out it is made in Canada...that is just great.

While at the mall I also went into Victoria Secret and took advantage of their 7 panties for $27 deal.

This is what I got at Target:
 Starbucks Via Refreshers, we just don't have these here in Canada and the refreshers cost so much even in a can. These were $7.99 each and I got 5 packs in total.
 I also picked up Swiss Miss Diet Hot Chocolate with 25 cals each they are fantastic. I also got DOTS, why don't we get these here any more? I love Dots and got 5 packs ($1 each).
 I picked up a bonus pack of Yes to Blueberries wipes with a bonus Yes To Carrots lip balm, they were on sale for $4.99. I also got Summer's Eve wipes, they were just under $3 for the pack.
I fell in love with this at the Pixi brunch a few weeks back, it is a corrective concealer that you do need to go over after, but it is just fantastic to use. I also got two shades of L'oreal Colour infallible that are not available in Canada, Eternal Sunshine and Glistening Garnet.
I grabbed for my pal some ZzzQuil, such a funny idea to me, I guess they figured out 90% of the people taking NyQuil were just using it to sleep. I grabbed Up&Up Adult's Gummy Calcium supplements, Ibuprofen Pm and Effervescent Vitamin C packs. They were are really cheap and I am loving the Calcium. I also got the Ester C brand named packs for my friend, either way they were both about 80% cheaper then in Canada.

At the outlet mall I got some hoodies and a tee shirt at Under Armour, to see them please watch my video below.
Do you do cross border shopping? Is there a product you just love in the states you just can't get here?