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I went and did some holiday shopping, and while out I got myself some goodies too.
 At Trade Secrets I picked up some OPI nail polishes from past collections. They were $5.99 each.
Front to back "I'm all ears",  " Gettin' Miss Piggy With it" and "Rainbow Connection"
 At Starbucks I got a Fox mug and some vias.
 At Forever 21 they were having 21% off everything, so I got two tweezers (reg $1.80 each, who doesn't need more tweezers, really?) and two of their nail strengtheners ($3.80 reg).
  The body shop was open early for a VIP sale, offereing free wrapping, coffee and cupcakes plus a hand lotion of you choice for free. I also got a new puff, drops of youth, more cranberry joy oil, and a satsuma body spray. I spun a wheel and on top of my LYBC 10% off I got 50% more off the order. As you can see there is a nicely wrapped gift...not saying what is in there.