Imats Toronto 2012 Wish List

By Saturday, November 17, 2012 , , , ,

Although I am not attending IMATS this year, here is a small wish list of mine.

As you see  I want many cleaning products,  many of which are beauty blender branded. This is simply because they are so much cheaper at the show. Hopefully I can get one of my friends to pick me up what I crave.

As for the Beauty So Clean, it is really something I've been meaning to pick up and have not gotten around to.

Bdellium tools is a brand that debuted last year at the show and one big thing I've been wanting to check out.

All in all my list is very small and part of the reason I've chosen not to go.

I hope if you do go you have a great time and please share with me what you picked up, I love to see what everyone always gets.