Conair Prize Pack

By Tuesday, September 11, 2012 , , , ,

Last week I was lucky enough to win Faces By Farah's Conair Contest. Today the package came in the mail.
I won $250 worth of products from Conair including a "You Wave Ultra", an "Infiniti Pro" dryer, a Eye Pop train case and whole bunch of Scrünci hair accessories. Oh, a happy day indeed.
Conair You Wave Ultra
Infiniti Pro by Conair
Scrünci Wingless Clips
Scrünci Effortless Beauty clips
Scrünci Snap + Flip clips
Scrünci No Damage hair ties
Elle Soft hair bands
Scrünci No Slip Grip headbands
The Eye Pop train case filled with products!
I got the package sent to my work so that I had no issues, and low and behold a co worker to the effort to ask me if she could open it (since I was busy at the time), I said yes and well that was a mistake.

I got lots of "oh", "what's this", "I need these", "where do I buy these" and  "you don't need all of this, can I have some".

By the end of the day I had about 4 people tell me that they NEEDED the wingless clips ( I must admit the hide-able wings are really neat) as well as quite a few people telling me everything was so great and that they loved it (I think they wanted me to give it to them).

Haha, it was all harmless but I feel they were a little jelous.

So glad I won, thank Farah and Conair!