Body Butter + Salt = Great Scrub

By Sunday, August 12, 2012 , , , ,

Did you know that salt will never, ever, dissolve in oil?
So you're wondering what this has to do with anything?
So this past winter I picked up lots of goodies from New Directions and well, I ended up with leftovers.

One of those leftovers was their Coffee Blend Butter, while not a true body butter, it is quite similar. Basically it is a blend of pure soy butter and coffee essential oil and a few other ingredients to make an amazing smelling ingredient for making other products, such as body butter or lotions. I love the smell and the fact it is so thick so much but just have never used it.

photo from real
Well then I saw a comment on the product page saying how the person loved it in their body scrub recipe, then it hit me...this is what I can do with all my unused body butters.

I tend to have tons of body butters and just can never use them up as fast as their body wash counter parts and end up tossing quite a bit of them.
Coffee Blend Butter (photo from
See how thick it is
So what did I do?

I went to my bulk store and got some salt. A mixture of kosher, coarse sea salt and some plain sea salt, I poured it into my coffee blend butter and mixed it up. I read that regular table salt or sea salt is the perfect texture for most skin types but I did like having the variety in my scrub. It cost me about 25 cents to buy all the salts.

If you are a fan of less thick butters you can mix in some oil, like coconut oil or sweet almond or olive oil, but I recommend just trying it out with your body butter first and adjust after.

This is definitely a moisturizing scrub, there was no need for lotion afterwards. It reminded me of the Lush Buffy bar and how it scrubs
(but with less grit) you but leaves you coated in a moisturizer afterwards.

So if you have too much body butter or lotion at home you might want to try this out.

Oh and one more thing, sugar doesn't dissolve in oil yeah you can use different sugars if you wanted to.