Wish List...oh what I'm wishing for right now

By Wednesday, July 04, 2012 ,

So I've kinda been on a no buy lately, and by that I mean I seem to have really curbed my spending. I'm still buying bits here and there but no hauls to speak of.

Which is odd for me. I really want things too, I just can't bring myself to bring more stuff into the apartment right now. I am just plain old running out of space.

But this doesn't mean I don't want stuff, oh how I want stuff. See this is how I got into this too much stuff predicaments, I don't need stuff, I want it...sigh..oh well. Plus I keep on calling it "stuff'' and not buy its real name, so I really just proved I have issues.

Oh well (again) this is what I am dreaming of right now...

Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF 50.

This one is a big one on my list. I've heard amazing things about it (not greasy, light feeling, works well with makeup), plus it has spf 50 in broad spectrum protection. I realized almost all skin care only covers UVB rays and it is just as important that you protect yourself from the UVA rays out there...so yeah I kinda want this, now!

Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer spf 30
This would also take care of my spf woes. It not only is a great primer it evens out skin tone and is a skin treatment. Primes, protects, evens out the skin and is good for it...what more could you ask for.
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable

These are not in Canada yet (boo) but I want them. I love Tarte's sticks (dispute the fact all my lids cracked) and the thought of a drug store dupe makes me happy. I can afford to get more, and in more colours, woot woot. I actually still have some of the first just bitten roll ons from back in 08 and still use them from time to time, so I am a fan of the line already.

Brush Guards
The fab ms. Sparkled Beauty spoke about these in a  recent blog, they are from buyincoins.com and cost under $2 a set. I have so many brushes real brand named brush guards are not an option, but some extras for $2 is definitely in order.

Rose Gold Watch

Why in the world would I want a watch? I'm really not sure, I've never ever been a watch type of gal, but now I want a big chunky rose gold watch. With my dinky wrists it makes no sense, still I am stalking ebay in search of one with a time display that is cheap (I mean I probably think this was a bad idea once I get one).