Packing for a trip

By Tuesday, July 17, 2012 , ,

With my holiday coming up all I can think about is getting away. I feel like I need to get things before we go, but every time I think of something to pick up or put aside for packing I almost immediately forget.

I guess it is because it has been over 5 years since my last real vacation that I have forgotten what you need when you go away.

I've taken it upon my self to create a packing list.

I've searched the net trying to get idea of things you might forget if you didn't really think about it, and while it has been helpful not as useful as one might think.

I love Knock Knocks What To Eat Pad and All Out Of Pad (what would I do without them, seriously I need the shopping list one or I am useless at the grocery store), but their Packing This Pad seems over the top. It would last me the rest of my life with the frequency of vacations I take. None the less I am printing this digital copy to use, I feel evil, but one is all I need.

The Universal Packing List also seems amazing. Type in the dates and type of trip you are taking and BAM a list of just what you need. Definitly worth checking out. It even tells you what to make sure you do before you leave home, like take the garbage out and wash the dishes. This might sound strange but last time we did go away I left some soup in the microwave, randomly throughout the trip I would remember and freak out. Let's just say it didn't smell very good or look very pretty when we got home.

I'm definitely planning on keeping it simple when it comes to the makeup and cosmetics part of the packing, samples that I've acquired from Glymm and Luxe Boxes and only one eyeshadow palette. 

The medical side of thing is where I feel I am dropping the ball. I break out in hives in the sun, so Benadryl and sunscreen is a must, I have IBS so many digestive aids are needed, but what about other things? Like hand sanitizer, why do I keep on forgetting to pick that up? Or polysporn spray?

Sigh, I just know I am going to forget things and because of that I will actually need it. Like no bandaids, you know I'll cut myself right away, or fogey my hair brush and pay way to much for a new one.

Oh the stresses.

Do you have any tips or tricks for packing for a vacation?