L’Oréal Paris Luminato Red Carpet Gifting Lounge

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Art and everything creative and culture related are in full swing right now in Toronto's downtown core while Luminato returns to the city for 10 amazing days.

With L'oreal being the title sponsor of Luminato it should be of no surprise that they have a big tent right in the centre of everything.

L'oreal's Red Carpet Gifting Lounge was a fun way to win makeovers, products and even tiff tickets. It ran from the 8 -10 and is over now, but I thought I would share the fun of it with you.
try your luck with the wheel to win makeovers, tickets and even products.
I was luck enough to get a makeover from both Eddie Malter (L'oreal Paris' official Makeup Artist) and Eric Del Monaco (L'oreal Paris' official Hair Stylist) when I visited the tent. I also got to learn a lot more about the upcoming products for L'oreal.

First I got my styled into a braid by Eric Del Monaco, he was fantastic.

I learned about the amazing new Arginine Resist 3 line from L'oreal. I am already a huge fan of the Total Repair 5 and cannot wait to try out this new stuff. It is made for people trying to grow their hair out, helping maintain strength from the inside out.

After learning all this I got a dose of Elnett Lumière hair spray that honestly added so much shine and felt like I didn't have a spray in my hair. Got my hair combed back into a braid with a cute little curl at the back and then hair my hair teased out a bit (I felt with the heat this was going to happen sooner rather than later on its own but it was nice to know it was intentional and looked great).
Photo of my braid,
this was taken much later in the day, actually
7 at night, so there is much more fly aways.
Next up was my time in the makeup chair with Eddie Malter. I got to experience the new BB cream from L'oreal. It goes appears white but is really micro-pigment capsules that melt on contact with your skin. How neat is that? I then got my eyes done with a new La Couleur Infallible Eyeshadow (it was brown and I cannot remember the name) and my eyes lined and smoked out with the new Infallible Lacquer Liner.  A little blush and bronzer and I was almost done.
makeup table!
I got a duo tone lip done!!! Colour Riche Careses Lipcolour in Violet Chiffon with Blushing Sequin in the middle (check out my swatches of these here).
me and Eddie Malter
After all this I got to look at the Gifting area. If you spined the wheel and win an item, this is where you get to choose from
look items for men too!
Some of the current hair care items. I love the Total Repair 5 Line (psstt. it is all I use now)
La Colour Infallible Eyeshadows (who doesn't love them).
La Balm Lipcolours
Oveall I had an amazing time at the tent. I highly recommend checking out the other Luminato events that are going on this week. It is always fun and exciting.
me after the event. you can see I am already
 sweating 5 minutes after leaving, yeah it was hot out.
After leaving I ran into an old friend, did some shopping, got some sushi with her and met up with the man for some tasty food at the Queen and Beaver...mmmm cider, before catching a movie. The saddest part of the day was when I had to take the braid out to sleep. I must say it did not feel like there was any hairspray in my hair at all...how do they do that? Must buy it in July!